The Unger Method

The Winning Strategy of the 4-Time World Trading Champion



What worked, what didn't, results from tens of thousands of trades and every little piece of the puzzle in the right place to win 4 World Cup Trading Championships®... in under 200 pages!

Here's a little taste of what you will learn!

  • Why you need a scientific and replicable method to trade profitably.
  • What technological tools you will need to trade professionally.
  • What method I used, which allowed me to become the only four-time World Trading Champion*

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The Winning Strategy of the 4-Time World Trading Champion

Why would my book be useful to you?

Years of study and personal experience in the field have allowed me to understand what really works on the markets and what is worth investing in. Above all, it is what helped me to develop a replicable scientific method which led me to be the only one to date who has won the World Cup Trading Championships four times*.

The effectiveness of my method is demonstrated not only by my successes at an international level, but also by many of my students and other traders who have used my method, such as Stefano Serafini, who became World Trading Champion in 2017, or Petra Ilona Zacek, World Trading Champion of 2018.

It is a time-tested method, effective both for those who want to become a professional trader and also for those who want to trade simply as a hobby, or perhaps, as a second job.

It is precisely my method that I want to reveal to you in "The Unger Method – The Winning Strategy of the 4-time World Trading Champion".

In my book, I share with you 20 years of knowledge and experience in the world of trading! 

Here is a preview of what you will find in "The Unger Method – The Winning Strategy of the 4-Time World Trading Champion":

Chapter #1: The Basics of Systematic Trading

  • What do you need to start trading?​One of the first questions aspiring traders ask me is what tools they need to begin trading. Most people worry about what to have in terms of software, platforms, etc., when, in fact, the first point to consider is how to approach trading in the right way. In this first chapter I will explain how to do just that!

  • What are the most frequent errors in trading?​In my personal experience, most traders make three basic errors. What are they? Well, all you have to do to find out is read this section! Believe me, if you rely on intuition alone, you won't be able to avoid these mistakes!

  • Trading is NOT easy!​Let me be very honest with you: a trader's profession is complex, and it is very common to run into errors, especially in the beginning. That's why I won't tell you, as many do, that all you need to do is read a few lines and you'll turn into a wizard of the trading world, or that you can earn millions overnight even if you've NEVER studied before! To become a profitable trader you need to begin with a well-structured training path by relying on professional trainers who can provide proof of success, both as traders and as teachers, and in this chapter I'll tell you how to do it!

  • Never trust someone who promises you easy money!!! This is probably not the first book about trading that you have read, and perhaps as you were doing research online, you came across some of the many advertisements from fake trainers who promise to make you rich overnight or describe trading as a way to get rich quick, without even studying... it is FALSE! If you start operating in the markets without proper preparation, you risk burning all of your capital! Pay close attention to the 5 DISTINCTIVE ELEMENTS that I will reveal in this chapter, teaching you how to recognize and unmask a fake trainer before it's too late!

  • Rule no. 1: Control the risk! If there is a "golden rule" that I have learned over the last twenty years of study and experience in the field, it's that you cannot trade profitably unless you first learn to plan ahead and control the risk associated with your trading. Never leave that out! Risk management must always be the basis of your decisions or you will end up overexposing yourself! In this section I give you advice, helping you understand how to predict and manage the risks of your trading systems!

  • What are your expectations?​This is a question you should always ask before approaching the markets. If you think you can become the next "Scrooge McDuck" in only a few days or if you want to trade for a fixed income every month, then you are highly mistaken! By its nature, in fact, the job of a trader is subject to ups and downs and in no way can it be compared to a regular salary! There will be times when you will earn more, and others when you will end up at a loss, so you need to have realistic expectations. A good systematic trader can reach an average annual gain of 30-35%, with a low risk profile. Everything, of course, depends on your choices, which is why it is important to learn not to expose yourself too much... But how? Read this section to learn more!

  • Learn from your mistakes!​A fundamental characteristic that every good trader should have is a "scientific mindset", which allows you to analyze both positive and negative performances. A loss may derive from a mistake that needs to be understood and corrected in time. Remember, there are a lot of problems you will encounter while trading, so you must learn how to deal with them using the right approach, without letting yourself get emotional! So what do you do when things go wrong? I'll tell you in this section and believe me, I've tried it and it works!

Chapter #2: The Tools of the Systematic Trader

  • What hardware and software do you need for systematic trading?​In this section I'll tell you about the basic tools and infrastructure that I use to trade every day... Find out what they are!

  • What are the main trading platforms and how do you choose the right one for you? Just read this section to find out, both according to your level of preparation and your capital. Why waste time and money on wrong choices?! 

  • How do you choose the right broker? Most traders choose their broker simply based on commissions, preferring those with the most favorable rates. This kind of choice, however, can come back to bite you. This is where you will learn which information you need to consider when choosing a broker... Believe me when I tell you, most traders ignore them completely!

  • Why do you need to debug to trade profitably? If this is the first time you hear about debugging, don't worry, many traders don't know how to go about it! Debugging is fundamental in your business as a trader, which is why you need to understand what it is and how it works, as I will explain to you in this chapter!

  • Is it possible to build your trading systems without being a programmer?​One of the most common fears among aspiring traders is not being able to program a trading system. But don't be afraid! I assure you, you don't need to be a NASA computer expert to program your systems! In this section, I'll explain why to trade systematically, all you need is the right scientific mentality, curiosity and willingness to learn!

Chapter #3: Building Your Systems

  • Why you should do away with the discretionary approach... In the previous chapters we have seen what technical tools you need to trade. However, these tools are completely useless if you don't know how to use them! So if you come from discretionary trading, the first step you need to take is getting rid of your discretionary approach and mentality!!! Find out why in this chapter!

  • How do you identify the specific characteristics of a market? The starting point to build your systems is to analyze the specific characteristics of each market. In fact, with discretionary trading, one can rely on abstract and generic rules, but with systematic trading, every market must be approached in a different way. This, of course, takes a long time unless you learn how to backtest your trading systems! I'll explain "how" in this section! 

  • Method, not magic formulas! I will never tire of telling you that in trading, contrary to what many will have you believe, there are no magic formulas! Your goal must be to acquire a scientific method to apply in different market situations. In my 20 years of study and field experience I have developed the Unger Method™, which is 100% measurable, transmissible and replicable. I'll tell you all about it in this chapter!

  • Keyword: simplicity! One of the most common beliefs is that to build solid systems, it is necessary to mix together as many indicators as possible... wrong! Complexity is not synonymous with efficiency! As I reveal in this chapter, the real "secret" consists in keeping your systems as simple as you can. Remember, the more conditions you add, the greater the chances of having unstable systems! Find out how I do it in this chapter!

  • How I apply the Unger Method™ to build my systems?​I must confess, when I finished this section of the book, many of my collaborators told me that it was absurd to put all of this information in a FREE book because I could easily sell it at a high price elsewhere... But, I wanted this book to be a true concentration of my 20 years of career building in trading, with all the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the years. You only need to read these pages to learn what I could only understand after so many years of study and activity in the field... and I promise I won't keep anything from you! Find out more in this chapter!

  • Why do you need a scientific method too?​ By this point, you've probably already realized how important it is to approach trading seriously, by studying and acquiring a method before you start trading in the markets. Remember that there is NO such thing as a perfect system and whoever wants you to think that is deceiving you! All systems, sooner or later, stop working and that's why, instead of wasting time looking for something that doesn't exist, you should invest that time in your training and learning a method that allows you to adapt to every different market situation... Which is exactly what I do! I rely on an adaptable, transmissible, and replicable scientific method to develop my systems... If you want to know more, just read this chapter!

  • How does the Unger Method™ work?​ Here we are at the heart of the book! Grab pen and paper, because in this section I explain to you, step by step, the 6 fundamental STEPS on which the Unger Method™ is based... Don't miss them!

  • Your worst enemy: overfitting! ​If you think the risks you take while trading are over, then you're wrong! One of your greatest enemies when developing your systems is overfitting. What is it and how can you avoid it? ...I'll explain it to you in this chapter!

  • How do you correctly interpret the backtest data? The backtest is one of the most important steps in the process of developing a trading system. But, in order to do it well, it is important to pay attention to certain aspects. Find out which ones in this chapter!

  • Why would a system fail to work or stop working?​ Once you read these pages, you'll have a better understanding of how market edges work, and you'll have some clear questions that most traders still can't answer!

Chapter #4: Managing your Strategies

  • The real "secret" of trading: diversification! During my second victory in the 2009 edition of the World Cup Trading Championships, I experienced a stressful period when I was under a lot of pressure. It was at that moment that I fully understood how important it is to achieve a diversified mix of strategies with a variety of approaches for different types of markets. Remember, the only "secret" to trading profitably is to learn how to diversify your portfolio. In order to do that, you can't just add a bunch of different systems, you have to learn how to choose the ones that balance properly. How? Well, you just have to read this chapter to find out!

  • How do you choose the right markets to trade? As we mentioned, the only way to be profitable in trading is to build a well-diversified portfolio of strategies. But what markets should you put in your portfolio? The main criterion you can use is the budget at your disposal. In this chapter, I'll explain which markets are the most suitable according to the capital you want to trade... Find out now!

  • Simply diversifying isn't enough! So far, I've said how important it is to have a well-diversified portfolio of strategies, but it won't be enough if you don't manage it properly! Are you wondering how? Find out by reading this chapter!

  • Never lose control of your portfolio! When you have a portfolio with so many strategies in different markets, maintaining control can be complex. Things get complicated when you experience a loss because there are so many factors to assess in these cases. I experienced this situation in 2011 when I went through a bad drawdown. This experience, however, inspired me to develop three simple rules that will help you to manage and control a portfolio with several strategies, without too much stress! Find out which ones in this chapter!

  • Position sizing: what is it, and why is it so important?​There is a phrase that says, "don’t bite off more than you can chew " and I can honestly say that advice has never been more accurate, even in trading! Knowing how to control risk and avoid overexposure should be one of your main goals as a trader. Don't know how to do it? I'll explain it to you in this chapter!

  • How to automate your process using Titan.​Over the years, I have managed to build a portfolio with about 300 strategies on different markets with different approaches. As you can imagine, managing such a large portfolio would take a lot of time, especially in terms of calculations. That's why I use proprietary software that I share with my students: Titan. Thanks to Titan, I can automate long operations and complicated algorithms, simplifying my portfolio management. That's why Titan could also be your best friend! In this chapter, I'll explain how it works and how you can use it too!

  • Can you trade as a second job? A widespread belief is that it is impossible to trade if you already have another job. FALSE! Systematic trading allows you to be flexible with your trading activity, for example doing it when you knock off work. The fundamental aspect, however, is how you approach this job. It doesn't matter if you trade full time or just a few hours a day. What matters is that you do it in the right way, with seriousness and professionalism, and by studying and using a scientific method. Here you can also find out my tips for trading as a second job!

Chapter #5: Beating the Markets

  • Is it really possible to "beat the markets"?​"Beat the markets" is one the most common expressions in trading. Figuratively speaking, it refers to the ability to profitably operate in the markets. This, of course, takes time because the theoretical and practical knowledge you have to develop is complex. In addition to this, it's important to enter the markets with the right psychological approach, not letting yourself be knocked down by the losses, which, unfortunately, are part of the job! In this chapter, I will give you some advice from my own experience to help you face the markets with the right emotional and psychological attitude.

  • Turn problems into opportunities: as Galileo Galilei used to say, "behind every problem there is an opportunity." This saying also applies to trading where, as I have said many times, there are many difficulties you may face. Here I will explain how to use them to your advantage!

  • Why is it that you can't just rely on free content? In the internet era, there is a common belief that you can find just about anything on the web for free. However, free content has many hidden pitfalls, and if you base your training solely on what you find online, you risk starting out on the wrong foot. Remember, being a trader is a complex profession that, like other professions such as a doctor or an engineer, requires a lot of preparation. After all, no one would ever dream of becoming a surgeon by studying only free content found online, so why should it be any different when becoming a trader? In this chapter, I show you all the risks you will run across if you rely only on free content, and I'll also explain why my training programs are paid.

  • Take inspiration from Ford! Now you're probably wondering what a car has to do with trading! As you will discover while reading this chapter, the story of Ford and the tenacity of his entire team to beat Ferrari in the 1966 Le Mans race has many similarities to your path to becoming a systematic trader. In trading, similar to a sporting competition, you need to train and prepare properly. Above all, you need to have willpower, tenacity and determination. Only then can you overcome the many difficulties that you will encounter on your path. In short, as the famous saying goes, "always believe, never give up". Just like Ford did in '66! Read this chapter to uncover the full story!

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What My Students Say...

The results speak for themselves, so I want to let my students speak!

Stefano Serafini
2017 World Trading Champion
"I would recommend him to anyone who wants to trade seriously!"

Petra Ilona Zacek

2018 World Trading Champion
"Andrea is the real deal, you can be very successful with him!"

Claudio Valerio
Project Manager & Trader
"I made +38% in just one year with systematic trading!"

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Bonus #1
"The Man/Machine Relationship and the Importance of Debugging"

What is debugging and why is it so important in the process of managing and controlling your trading systems?

Total Value: 97 €

In systematic trading, the "machine" plays an important role. It helps us solve complex algorithms and do math problems faster and more accurately than we could on our own.


As useful as it may be from a practical perspective, a machine cannot replace human reasoning skills. It simply works and carries out our orders according to the instructions we enter during the programming phase.

If these instructions are even slightly wrong, we risk getting completely inaccurate results!

For this reason, it is critically important to always carefully analyze the results you obtain, to detect any "bugs" present in the system.

This process is called "debugging".

In this video, you will learn:

  • Why it is essential to critically analyze your computer outputs
  • ​How to find any bugs in the system, by thinking like an engineer
  • ​How to figure out the cause of an error, if you notice that there is something wrong with your results
  • ​Why it is wrong to depend "phychologically" on a computer

Remember, the computer is there to serve you, not the other way around!


You are the one that actively controls it, which is why you must always be a critical thinker and have an interest in understanding everything.

Do not take everything the machine says as "matter of fact".

In many cases, when the results seem "too good to be true", perhaps it is precisely because there is a mistake, and it is up to you to find it and resolve it.

In this training video, you can figure out how to do just that!

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"THE UNGER METHOD – The Winning Strategy
of the 4-Time World Trading Champion"!

Bonus #2 
"End-of-Month and End-of-Year Rallies"

Why is it so important that you learn how to backtest your strategies by following a precise set of rules?

Total Value: 197 €

The key to systematic trading is to have a precise set of rules that shape up the operation. With a precise set of rules, there is no room for guess work, and you can test and compare current results with past results. The rules do not necessarily have to be the result of complex algorithms; they can also be operating schemes that are easy to understand. The important thing is to verify that they could produce profits.


It is better to speak conditionally, of course, because we can never be sure of future results. But, if a proper backtest is performed, a strategy that was successful in the past can give us significant indications, from a statistical point of view, on its possible future performance.

To do so, however, you must use a rigorous scientific method by performing an accurate backtest, as I explain in this in-depth video.

Here is a summary of what we will address in this bonus:

  • Why you need to define a precise set of rules to outline your operation
  • ​Why it is important to backtest your strategies
  • ​How you can control the risk you expose yourself to, through backtesting
  • ​How to backtest the end-of-month and end-of-year rallies

Get this BONUS for FREE by ordering your copy of 

"THE UNGER METHOD – The Winning Strategy 

of the 4-Time World Trading Champion"!

Bonus #3 
"Developing Systems with the
Unger Method™"

What is the Unger Method™ and how have I personally used it for years to develop my systems?

Total value: 297 €

For a strategy to be profitable, it does not necessarily have to be complicated, but should be based on a simple set of rules. 

The important thing is that it arises from observation of the specific characteristics of the market on which we intend to operate, and is adapted to it. To better understand this concept, we can provide an example.

Imagine being a commuter who has to take a train every day to make it to work by 9:00 a.m. Obviously, instead of going to the station at random, you study the train schedules, factor in travel time, and add in any other possible delaying factors.

It is precisely by analyzing the specific characteristics of the scenario that you will be able to calculate the best time to go to the station. The same type of thing happens in trading: if you want to make a profit, you need to study the market to first understand its specific characteristics and behavior. 

In order to do that, you have to rely on a scientific method.

In this video, I will explain:

  • Why you need a scientific method that is transmissible and adaptable to different market situations
  • What the Unger Method™ is and why it can help you
  • How I use the Unger Method™ in my daily operations 

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"THE UNGER METHOD – The Winning Strategy 

of the 4-Time World Trading Champion"!

Bonus #4 
"The Risks of Overfitting"

Overfitting: what is it and why can it become your worst enemy?

Total Value: 97 €

One of the most delicate phases in the process of developing a trading system is "optimization".

This phase consists of adding or varying some inputs and observing what differences are produced by these changes in the results of the system.

The main mistake that many traders make, however, is attempting to infinitely "perfect" a strategy by continuously adding parameters or manipulating them in order to get the results that show the highest profits.

This mistake is called over-optimization, or overfitting, and it is one of the biggest problems for a systematic trader.

Modifying the parameters of a trading system expecting to obtain the highest Net Profit is entirely wrong because, in doing so, you risk compromising the future reliability of the system itself.

This is why you must avoid making the mistake of overfitting.

In this in-depth video I will explain:

  • How to properly optimize your trading systems without overfitting
  • What overfitting is and why it can compromise your operations
  • I provide a practical example of how overfitting impacts the operations of a max/min breakout base code 

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"THE UNGER METHOD – The Winning Strategy 

of the 4-Time World Trading Champion"!

Bonus #5 
"Managing Your Portfolio 
with Titan"

How to automate the process of controlling and managing your portfolio of strategies?

Total Value: 197 €

One of the first goals for a systematic trader is to gather an assortment of strategies for different markets. Diversification, in fact, is the best way to keep the risk associated with your operations under control and to avoid overexposure.

But managing a well-diversified portfolio is not easy.

For example, I have a portfolio with about 300 different strategies, and making quick and precise decisions is by no means easy when you have such a large and varied portfolio.

In such cases, relying on objective data, statistics, and numbers can be a valuable asset.

This is why I use a program called Titan, which is a proprietary software that I also share with my students.

In this in-depth video you will learn:

  • Why you should use software to manage your portfolio
  • How Titan works and how I use it daily in my trading
  • Why it is important to search for a long-term balance for operating in the markets 

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"THE UNGER METHOD – The Winning Strategy 

of the 4-Time World Trading Champion"!

Bonus #6 
"Psychology in Trading"

What is the psychological difference between trading on your personal account versus trading for a World Cup Trading Championship with real money?

Total Value: 47 €

The psychological aspect plays an important role in the activity of any trader. Obviously, the emotional impact changes depending on a number of factors, including the type of trading you are doing. For example, trading on your own account involves risks and concerns that are different than participating in a trading championship with real money. Many traders tend to underestimate this aspect, and as a result, make mistakes when approaching the markets.

That is why it is important to dive deeper into this topic.

In this bonus video I'll explain:

  • What the main psychological differences are between trading on your own account and participating in a Trading Championship with real money
  • How to psychologically prepare yourself to participate in a Trading Championship
  • How to behave when things are going well and how to react when things get difficult 

Some of my students, who are successful and organized traders, also thanks to the pieces of advice you find in this video, succeeded in winning the World Cup Trading Championships! They are Stefano Serafini, who won in 2017, and Petra Ilona Zacek, who won in 2018.


... and you could be next, which is what I hope for you!

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"THE UNGER METHOD – The Winning Strategy 

of the 4-Time World Trading Champion"!

Still not convinced that the Unger Method™
can help you?

Unlike other approaches, the 
Unger Method™:

  • Is a scientific method, 100% measurable and adaptable to different market situations
  • Allows you to study and objectively trade in markets, leaving no room for guesswork
  • Can be taught, learned and replicated
  • It is used every year by hundreds of students, some of whom, like Stefano Serafini and Petra Ilona Zacek, went on to become World Trading Champions

Extra Bonus
"Interview with Thomas Thurzo"

[Case Study] How Thomas went from discretionary indecision to a portfolio of automated strategies

Want to know more?

Then do as one of my students, Thomas Thurzo, did.

Before learning and using the Unger Method™, Thomas had already been trading full time for six years. He had taken many courses, studied and applied different approaches, but he never reached his desired results.

His main problem was the lack of consistency in his results. He was in a situation similar to that which other traders experience. Perhaps you are going through the same difficulties now.

After learning and applying the Unger Method™, Thomas managed to gain about 30% in just 9 months.

How exactly did he do it?

Find out now by watching the video of his interview!

In this video you will find out:

  • Why it is important to learn and use a scientific method when you operate in the markets
  • What makes the Unger Method™ unique and why it can really help you​
  • Why even experienced traders, despite their own years of experience, often fail to achieve their desired results
  • ​How one student earned almost 30% in just 9 months, using the Unger Method™

Watch the full video interview by ordering your FREE copy of "THE UNGER METHOD – The Winning Strategy of the 4-Time World Trading Champion"

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 Who is Andrea Unger, and why
should you read his book?

Let's start with the... end! I am known as the only trader who, to date, has won the World Cup Trading Championships* four times (in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012). I am an honorary member of SIAT (Italian Technical Analysis Society, the Italian branch of IFTA, the International Federation of Technical Analysts) and I am often invited to speak at international conferences in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

But maybe what interests you the most is how I was able to get these results.

I started trading in the late '90s buying shares on the advice of some colleagues. At first, I had no real idea what I was doing.

At that time, the information that is online today was not yet available, and there were no trainers with proven experience that I could follow.

I didn't have a guide, so I had to do everything on my own- studying, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes.

Did I make money?

Yes... but then I lost a lot more...

Anyway, I didn't want to give up.

In 2001 I read about incredible earnings produced by instruments called "Covered warrants", and I wanted to give it a try.

I did, and I made money again. 

I still remember the feeling I had, those lucky transactions made me think that I could easily become rich.

But I soon realized that it was all just wishful thinking: the gains of a whole week could be erased by a single negative operation.

I realized that I had made a big mistake. I had approached trading to make easy money and, above all, I began to operate on the markets without FIRST following an adequate training path.

After the Covered warrants, I started scalping and trading positions in the markets, but in both cases things did not go as I had hoped.

I kept telling myself, "I don't quit, I'm an intelligent man with decent math skills." I was convinced that sooner or later, better results would come in ...

So, I started to develop trading systems, and from that moment on, my life changed.

Day after day, I learned how to create more efficient systems that were able to react promptly to changes in the markets, and I figured out how to build a portfolio of systems that would work for my trading account.

A turning point in my career was in 2004 when I attended a Larry Williams workshop. Although Larry does not do automatic trading, and in spite of the fact that I have developed a completely personal and unique method, that experience has taught me that you can "live by trading", provided you do it with the right preparation.

Today, more than twenty years after my debut, I am happy with the mistakes I made in the beginning of my career. It was those mistakes that made me realize that trading is a serious job that requires a lot of study and commitment, and if you do not follow a correct method you are doomed to fail.

And that's exactly what I want to help you with, by providing the knowledge I've learned over the past 20 years.

My history, my experience in trading, my advice, and my scientific method, are all condensed in this book.

All you need to do is read my book, and it will save you the 20 years of time that it took me to get this information...

But Andrea, I'm not a programmer or an IT expert, will I be able to create trading systems?

This is a very common concern. Many people abandon the idea of systematic trading because they are frightened of the perceived difficulties that may arise with programming a system.


The informatic barrier often ends up being an obstacle that holds back many aspiring traders…

But nothing could be more wrong!

As I reveal to you on Chapter 2, I myself am not a programmer. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to program a trading system. There are many computer tools today that can help you with this operation.

Of course, you have to have a "predisposed" mind and, as in everything, you have to be willing to learn. If you don't want to study and you don't want to commit yourself, then this job is NOT for you!

But, if

  • You have a real passion for trading
  • Studying doesn't scare you 
  • You want to understand how to start trading or how to improve your results (which, maybe, until now, are not what you expected)

Then this BOOK is for you!

All the tips, techniques, and strategies that you will find explained in the book, are the same ones that I use every day in the markets. The same ones that I have been successfully teaching for years to my students and to the many traders, like you, who ask me how to become a systematic trader.

Here's a little summary of what you're going to learn:

  • How to approach trading the right way…

    Revealed on Chapter 1

  • What the 3 most frequent ERRORS in trading are, and how you can avoid them by following my advice. Believe me, if you rely only on intuition you won't be able to avoid these errors! 
    Revealed on Chapter 1

  • Why trading is NOT easy and you have to rely on a trainer.
    Revealed on Chapter 1

  • Why it is important to dedicate the right amount of time to your training, BEFORE operating in the markets.
    Revealed on Chapter 1

  • The 5 signs to look for if you want to unmask a fake trainer.
    Revealed on Chapter 1

  • The #1 rule of trading, to avoid being overexposed.
    Revealed on Chapter 1

  • How much can a good systematic trader earn?
    Revealed on Chapter 1

  • Why trading requires a scientific mindset.
    Revealed on Chapter 1

  • What hardware and software equipment​you need for systematic trading.
    Revealed on Chapter 2

  • What the main trading platforms are and how to choose the right one for you.
    Revealed on Chapter 2

  • What characteristics you should watch out for when choosing a broker. Believe me, most traders completely ignore them!
    Revealed on Chapter 2

  • What a VPS is and how it can serve you in your operations.
    Revealed on Chapter 2

  • What is debugging, and why is it important?
    Revealed on Chapter 2

  • How to trade systematically even if you are NOT a programmer.
    Revealed on Chapter 2

  • How to backtest your trading systems.
    Revealed on Chapter 3

  • What the UNGER METHOD™ is and why it really works.
    Revealed on Chapter 3

  • Why a system does not work or stops working.
    Revealed on Chapter 3

  • Why you have to implement a mix of strategies, with different approaches, on different types of markets.
    Revealed on Chapter 4

  • How to choose which markets to trade.
    Revealed on Chapter 4

  • Three simple rules to know in order to manage your portfolio without too much stress.
    Revealed on Chapter 4

  • Position sizing: what it is and why it is so important.
    Revealed on Chapter 4

  • How to automate the process of managing your portfolio using the Titan software.
    Revealed on Chapter 4

  • How you can trade as a second job.
    Revealed on Chapter 4

  • How to "beat the markets".
    Revealed on Chapter 5

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But be aware: my method is not for everyone.

I only want to share it with those who want to commit themselves and study.


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